Thermal Bonding System with programmable linear stage (Model: 120-P) is a system for the purpose of bonding or fusing two polymer components together by applying heat and compression to the components using two heated dies and/or laminating the polymer(s) up to 20cm Length by precision programmable linear stage. The auto-handling system precisely moves product into the heat zone, traverses at a controlled rate, and or applies compression for a programmed dwell time. The horizontal, retracted orientation of the dies enables process option such as multiple products per cycle (depending on product diameter), pre-tacking the polymer joints at Proximal/Distal sections and pre-shrink the PTFE sleeve without changing tooling.


System Features

Heating range 0-750°F

Touch screen interface with custom software
  • Programmable target position
  • Programmable linear stage speed and dwell time
  • Start and stop on demand

Programmable linear stage with precisely move the hot dies through targeted product lamination zone, traverse at controlled rate, and/or applies compression for a programmed dwell time.

PM Plus PID & Integrated temp limit controller – Touchscreen, Bluetooth, Modulus, Ethernet/IP

 Built-in heatsink with die head bases

 Foot pedal option to work simultaneously with start button

 Custom device holding platform with V-groove

Adjustable Z-axis mount for device holding platform alignment

High-Resolution digital microscope camera with HDMI output