• Hot Air System (Model: 125-P) is unique, compact, semi-automated system designed to provide 360° heat through dual nozzles technologies.
  • Hot Air System can be utilized for polymer fusing, shaping, tipping, heat shrinking, welding/bonding, and tubing expansion.
  • Hot Air System is highly recommended for catheter development, R&D and moderate to high volume manufacturing applications.
  • The temperature control system features a PID control loop, open loop and reverse loop detector, password protection, programmable process parameter, Bluetooth connectivity, type K thermocouples with manual and auto tune functions.
  • Low airflow heater protection ensures accurate process control and longer heater life.
  • Various thickness of thermal nozzles are available to supply to customer to focus stream of controlled temperature to desire zone.
  • Safety interlocks are provided between electrical and pneumatic system to prevent heater burnout during accidental loss of air pressure.

System features

 Dual Nozzle with 360 degree heat

Accurate (± 4% of full scale), stable, and easy-to-read adjustable heater air flow, 15 – 50 SCFH

Adjustable forced air heater, ambient to 750˚F, with serpentine coil heating element and quartz tube sheath to provide efficient heating

Low airflow heater protection

PM Plus PID & Integrated Temp Limit Controller – Touchscreen, Bluetooth, Modulus, Ethernet/IP

 Touch screen interface with custom software
  • Programmable feature for Weld Duration
  • Programmable feature for Cool Duration
  • Start and stop on demand

 Foot Pedal option to work simultaneously with Start Button

 Custom Device holding Platform with V-groove

 Adjustable Z-axis mount for Device Holding Platform Alignment